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Breitling has extended the warranty on its watches with manufacture calibers to rescuers to determine your location

Le 18 May 2015, 04:14 dans Humeurs 0

The exclusive wristwatch is available at Breitling boutiques in New york, New york and Aventura, Florida, as well as at retailers throughout the US. Yves “Jetman” Rossy of the Breitling Jet team once again pushed the boundaries of aviation by completing an amazing flight above the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Jetman, who is the only man to fly with a rigid wing equipped with four jet engines, jumped out of a helicopter above the Rodrigo de Freitas Lake, before stabilizing the wing and heading full throttle north to fly around Corcovado Hill. He then tracked south of the city to fly alongside Ipanema Beach, Copacabana and the famous replica breitling bentley, before pulling his parachute and landing safely on the beach in front of the Copacabana Palace hotel.

The entire feat lasted 11 minutes 35 seconds in all, at an average altitude of 1200 meters, and no problems were reported before, during or after the flight. A former fighter pilot and current Swiss International Air Lines captain, Yves Rossy naturally ensured that all necessary safety measures were in place. Breitling has extended the warranty on its watches with manufacture calibers to five years, from two. The message is an expression of confidence in its enhanced capacity for quality control now that the brand produces its own movements. Breitling made around 40, 000 of its own manufacture calibers last year, including the caliber 01 chronograph, the caliber 04 with second time zone and the caliber 05 world timer.

Breitling’s five-year commitment is commendable at a time when consumers are wondering what all the fuss is about “in-house” movements and what that means to them. If you were an owner of the original Breitling Emergency watch, then you're probably the sort of person that engages in dangerous activities that leave you with a higher than normal chance of being stranded in the middle of nowhere. For the people that need this watch, and perhaps for others who live a normal lifestyle but are a little paranoid of "what if" scenarios, Breitling has just come up with the Emergency II.

In addition to the aforementioned analogue 121. 5MHz transmitter, the Emergency II adds the new digital frequency of 406MHz, which offers enhanced security and more information for rescuers to determine your replica omega Seamaster. More importantly, this frequency allows the launch of a distress signal directly into space to reach the network of low orbit or geostationary satellites. This difference makes the watch infinitely more useful as now no place on earth is off limits. Therefore, if you find yourself in an emergency situation, you twist off the cap of the transmitter and pull the antennae out from both sides of the case. The watch then sends out a distress signal alternating between the 121. 5MHz analogue signal and the 406MHz digital signal, and all this for up to 24 hours. These specifications place the watch in the PLB or Personal Locator Beacon category of the Cospas-Sarsat International Satellite System.

The movement inside is the Breitling Caliber 76, an officially certified chronometer by the COSC with thermocompensated SuperQuartz. Functions include a 12/24-hour analog and LCD digital display, battery end-of-life indicator, 1/100th second chronograph, timer, 2nd timezone and multilingual calendar. There are three dial colors to choose from: black; orange; and yellow and it comes with a rubber strap or a matching titanium bracelet.

A good looking Breitling watch when accuracy and functionality are more useful than horology

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Finally, we have the Bentley B05 Unitime. This worldtime chronograph is powered by a movement with a patented double-disc mechanism that allows the wearer to easily read the time in all 24 timezones. When the wearer changes timezones, they turn the crown forward or backward in one-hour increments, correcting all indications in one gesture, with the date automatically adjusted to local time. The bezel, replica breitling navitimer indicates the time zones with the names of 24 cities around the world, also takes into account summer and Daylight Saving Time. The travel theme is enshrined on the dial with an artistically sculpted globe. At its heart is an oscillating weight shaped like a wheel rim, visible through the transparent caseback. The Bentley B05 Unitime is available in steel or red gold with a bracelet or rubber or crocodile leather strap.

Indeed, the presence of Breitling’s CAP 232 airplane, on display in the Grand Court of the Mall, further demonstrated the tie between the Swiss manufacture and the world of aviation. Guests had the chance to pose with the aerobatic plane during the cocktail party at the 500 square-foot boutique, where Travolta mingled amidst the Breitling timepieces on display. Travolta, who has more than 7, 000 flight hours to his credit, is certified on ten types of aircraft, including the With a residence in Ocala (that boasts its own private runway), the actor was a perfect fit for the boutique opening.

The Bentley Light Body Midnight Carbon begins with an all-black 49mm case, underneath which is a lightweight titanium chassis featuring a highly resistant carbon-based coating. Inside, a Breitling Calibre 25B movement works at 28, 800 vibrations per hour. The dial features a dashboard-style display highlighted by red-rimmed indicators, with a central hand that sweeps in a half minute instead of the customary 60 seconds that to an ingenious “30-second chronograph” system originally patented by Breitling in 1926. A variable tachometer, which measures speed and distance, is activated via a bidirectional rotating pinion bezel. Matte black hands and hour makers are enhanced by a luminescent coating to ensure optimal readability. Finally, a black rubber strap with a raised central motif echoing the radiator grilles on the prow of Bentley cars completes the look.

Color-wise there are at least three dial options to choose from at first. We've been able to photograph two of them including the blue and slate gray dials. There is also a lighter gray dial available. Expect probably more versions to come in the future. The bezel around the dial is slightly changed, but barely so. There is a larger lume pip at the 60 minute marker, but overall it is the same excellent Breitling style uni-directional rotating bezel that people so closely identify with the brand. We don't know all of the bracelet and strap options, but there are bound to be a few choices. We expect most people to opt for the excellent three-link titanium bracelet, but Breitling will also offer the Aerospace Evo on their rubber straps. Overall, Breitling retains much of what people love about the Aerospace and just added a millimeter to the size, upping it to 43mm wide. The titanium case and bracelet are well-made, light, and look great. Overall, the Aerospace is as handsome as ever, and one of the tops picks for a good looking Swiss tool watch when accuracy and functionality are more useful than "horology. " This is among the few quartz watches I'd proudly put next to my collection of mechanical watches.

Because currently the Omega watch is a totally different model family and that might confuse people today

Le 7 May 2015, 04:42 dans Humeurs 0

Now if it was my mistake, and not a misrepresented item, I would have ate the cost.. but these guys are misrepresenting items and deceiving people. What I’ve learned from this is that ebay doesn’t protect anything for you, and lots of dealers on there regardless of feedback amount and rating are not good to deal with, {} about customer service. Buyer beware, and I hope this helps other potential omega deployant clasp buyers from getting duped.

The watch has a day/night two-tone bezel which many peopel don’t like, including myself. It can be relatively easily changed to a standard black or silver bezel if you wish however. Omega Launches a brand new innovation, a Liquidmetal® and Ceramic dive bezel on their new limited edition 42mm Planet Ocean Liquid Metal. The Seamaster PO 42mm Liquid Metal is a {} Limited Edition of 1948 peices, and features the same movement as previous PO models with the Caliber 2500 Co-Axial movement. The watch adds applied arabic numerals as well to the design, but is primarily the same as previous models. The Liquidmetal® alloy is an amorphous metal – a metallic material with a disordered, non-crystalline atomic structure. Its fusion temperature is half that of conventional titanium alloys but when it is cooled, its hardness is three times as great as that of stainless steel. Its amorphous structure allows it to bond seamlessly with the ceramic bezel.

First, ceramic rings are formed. The numbers and the fine lines of the minute scaling are then engraved into these ceramic bezel rings and polished. The alloy is heated and pressed into the cavities in the ceramic replica hublot big bang after which any excess Liquidmetal® is removed. The Liquidmetal® can be manipulated at a lower temperature than metals normally used in watchmaking so the heating process does not damage the ceramic material.

For 2015, Omega continues to release exciting new watches that are inspired (often directly) by their own history while also serving to debut new technologies or features that make these modern watches so exciting to enthusiasts. The brand new Omega Globemaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer is something that requires a lot to fully explain, but few words are necessary to appreciate the style of this dressy, though still sort of sporty, new timepiece inspired by original Omega Constellation watches - namely those with the so called "pie pan" dials. Omega could not, however, call these watches just "Constellations," because currently the Constellation is a totally different model family (and that might confuse people today, just a little bit). With that said, the technical full name of the collection does include "Constellation." So we now have the 2015 Omega Constellation Globemaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer.

In terms of size, the Omega Globemaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer collection is 39mm wide, and for 2015, Omega isn't taking it slow with versions by offering an 18k Sedna gold (basically rose gold), a steel version, and a two-tone model. When Omega comes out with a new collection that the brand feels will be popular, there is rarely a deficit of variety for consumers to choose from. What I really like about the new Omega Globemaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer is the case finishing which is mostly brushed. That also goes for the bracelet which has a neat sporty feel to it, being offered in a brushed finish versus polished. The main polished element on the case is the bezel. While many people will see the Omega Globemaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer bezel as being rather thematically similar to a fluted bezel on Rolex watches, this is a design element which is present on some existing Omega timepieces..

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